OPTP Introduces Chocolate Fries in Pakistan

 choclate fries optp 

We have seen people who love to eat their biryani with ketchup, dip roti in soup, eat zarda with qorma, and even spread peanut butter on their burgers!

LOL Serious

But Yesterday, Pakistan Had A Severe Meltdown When They Discovered A Local Eatery Offering French Fries Topped With Chocolate! 


People Found Something Else To Discuss Other Than The Biryani With Aloo Or Without Aloo Debate!

choclate fries

We asked Pakistanis that what are their reaction to chocolate fries and we got this answer


One Pakistani left remarks after trying it and said ‘I am the bravest person on earth to try it’


brave to try optp chocolate fries

For The Nation’s Foodies, This Chocolate Week By OPTP Was Utter Blasphemy.


After it, an ice cream outlet jumped into the scene and took a revenge of it 😀


We all know what combinations suit best for chocolate, and if you don’t, why dip shop is here to solve it with the sweetest pairs of chocolate, no potatoes invited though!

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