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hsy bridal collection latest 2018

A guru, a mentor and a great human being, HSY is for sure one of the biggest names of Pakistani fashion fraternity whose being ruling over the world of couture since decades now. His impressive skills, high creativity and unique approach towards catering to individual fashion need is what allows him to come with creations that are beyond extraordinary.

Fine quality with spectacularly designed outfits, Hassan Shehryar Yasin is definitely a man with unbeatable skills and un-match talent.

luxury-pret-ash-lp-15-02 (1)


Rs. 95,000

Shine Away with HSY Ready to Wear Collections

Holding such respectable place in the fashion world, HSY is a label that every woman and man wished to dazzle in. be it a bride-to-be or the bride’s maid, when it comes down to dressing up in the best designer wear. Every lady desires to be a proud carrier of this label. Royal designs, traditional cuts with an added twist of modernity and vibrant colors, HSY’s couture house have in-store fabulous ensembles that are just too beautiful to be ignored.
From celebrities to commoners of this country, there is no one out there who isn’t really impressed by what this uber talented man has to offer. his designs have raised that bar of excellence and set new trends across the globe which are hard to beat of course. It was HSY’s efforts only which have helped Pakistani fashion attain huge respect and a reputable place internationally and compete against the best of designers. And because no event is complete without having a lady dolled up in this label, here are some of the finest constitutions by this couture house that is bound to run its magic all over the place.

HSY Dresses A Way of Fashion

luxury-pret-asvg-rtw-17-02 (1)


Rs. 56,000


luxury-pret-bipp-rtw-17-05 (1)

Rs. 54,000

luxury-pret-bsh-rtw-18-04 (2)

luxury-pret-bsh-rtw-18-04 (3)

Rs. 42,000

luxury-pret-kpp-rtw-17-10 (1)

luxury-pret-kpp-rtw-17-10 (1)

Rs. 39,000

luxury-pret-kpp-rtw-17-07 (1)


Rs. 44,000

luxury-pret-bsh-rtw-18-02 (1)


Rs. 45,000

The Unmatched Designs by HSY

Sliding through racks of his collection or skimming across the online stores, HSY’s collection has ensembles that tempt you into getting one for yourself right away. Compromising of rich colors and gilded designs, every outfit that has been made a part of his prêt collection is bursting out with trendy cuts and fashionable styles that need no words to describe the beauty of the wearer because the label itself is enough to please all.

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