Maria B Latest Eid Collection 2018 – Ready To Wear Dresses

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Want to know about Latest Maria B Eid Collection 2018Maria B was started in 1999 with one single retail store and a small stitching unit, Where Maria’s sale focus giving fashion ready to wear that emulate graceful fusion of east and west. Today Maria b is the glorious fashion designer in Pakistan and also in 6 other international countries like UK, India, USA, Qatar, Bangladesh, and UAE. This brand includes Formal and casual wear lawn, Embroidered fabrics, Linen and cotton and many others things and all are available at affordable price.


As you all know that Maria B is leading brand in Pakistan and all over the world. The fabrics they used for their items are so unique and amazing. Each item is prepared with great attention. The main focus of this brand is to their customer so that they can satisfy their customer. As you all know that summer season is about to begin and everyone is looking for latest lawn dresses so that they can wear it in summer and make their personality great among all.

So when it comes to fashion designing very well known designers can be found in this field and all are working hard for their brand. Pakistani fashion industry is also rich in talent and hardworking in fashion designing and builds a strong reputation in the international fashion market.

Latest Maria B Eid Collection 2018

As you all know that Maria B is the most popular and famous brand among all brands in Pakistan and is in top 10 brands. Now it’s mid-season of summer and extremely hot weather in Pakistan and in other countries. Everyone is waiting for the latest Eid collections especially women and girls waiting for gorgeous lawn arrivals by Maria B. So Maria B launched their new lawn collection on coming to Eid.

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Maria B is most popular and extremely resourceful fashion designer. She always produces tremendous layout and outstanding designs so that everyone like her designs. This brand is not popular in Pakistan only but it is also popular in international countries and all liked her designs. She produces clothing for women, Girls and for kids that are affordable for everyone. Designs of this brand outfits are mind blowing and latest Eid collection 2018 by Maria b are fashionable and trendy with few cuts, embroidery and many other things.

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Maria B produces the dress for all occasions. There are formal casual, party wear and many other dresses. This brand also includes ready-made fancy chiffon dresses for any event. Mixtures of light and glowing colors are seen mesmerize on the embroidered dress that will look cool when you wear it and it makes you any festival glorious. So with latest lawn eid collection 2018, Maria B dresses all your worries were gone and you can easily select what you want to wear.


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