Alkaram Studio Eid Collection 2018 – Unstiched and Ready to Wear Dresses


Alkaram, a most popular and well like the brand in Pakistan producing valuable clothing for many years. It launches it’s seasonal as well as occasional such as Eid Collection 2018 and summer, spring, fall/ winter, pret, embroidered chiffon, formal wears and much more.

Eid is few weeks far; people are rushing towards the stores even in this hot weather ladies are moving towards stores and malls to get the new Eid stuff.

But still the routines are so tough and rough, and people may get it online through e-stores. It saves their time, and they get they require items through little work. Now you don’t have to worry about your eid wardrobes to fill; here today we are going to post the designs of Alkaram Summer Eid Festival Dresses Collection for women.



It is happening after the successful launch of Al Karam Lawn series 2018-2019 volume 1 and volume 2 in past few weeks. This popular clothing Textile brand always teamed up with the famous Pakistani designers like Umer Sayeed, Sania Maskatiya to launch different clothing arrivals at every season and every year. Al Karam brand has its uniqueness and originality of quality fabrics and appealing fresh designs that always inspire its esteemed customers.

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Eid Festival dresses collection brings exclusive series of two, three-piece suits that have mind-blowing designs and made up of high-quality fabrics. This black chiffon suit having multi-colored embroidery all over the shirt has just caught our hearts. Black never gets old so is always the right choice.


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