Bareeze Man Eid Collection 2018 — Get Flat 20% Off Now

Bareeze Man Eid Collection 2018

Bareeze Man was born out of experimentation with Bareeze’s high-quality embroidered fabric. Under the creative direction of Zain Aziz, a trained and passionate mechanical engineer, the brand began its foray into Eastern and Western clothing, both luxury and casual, in 2010.
With a permanent undertone of ‘performance meets style’, and a boldness to constantly innovate, it has quickly shot up to be recognized as one of the finest menswear brands in Pakistan today. Bareeze Man’s mission is to pair world-class materials and design techniques to create comfortable, contemporary global clothing for the modern man. Painstaking attention to detail sets the Bareeze Man apart. Every stitch, every fold, and every cut should have a purpose. A perfect harmony of form and function, without substituting one for the other defines the label’s timeless motto.
With a retail presence in all the major cities of the nation designed in tune with the brand’s core philosophy, Bareeze Man is currently one of the most impactful and influential menswear Pakistani labels. Having shown at fashion weeks at home and abroad with a most recent showcase at Mercades-Benz Amsterdam Fashion Week, Bareeze Man enjoys acclaim from the media and masses alike for its acute re-engineering of classic eastern wear for the modern man and statement crafted tailoring.

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