Punjab Govt to Increase Yearly Token Tax on Vehicles Above 1000cc Cars


As per the Punjab govt, the yearly token tax on vehicles above 1000cc cars will now be increased. This is proposed in the provincial budget 2018-2019 of Punjab. 

  • Token tax on 1300cc – 1500cc cars will now be 15000 /per year (previously 6000)
  • Token tax on 1500cc – 2000cc will now be 25000 / per year (previously 20000)
  • Token tax above 2500cc will now be 300,000 – 3 lakh / per year (previously 35,000)

On the other hand, Rs15 billion were apportioned for the welfare of farmers under the kisaan package whereby they will be provided interest-free loans. Besides this, Rs19.5 billion will be given to the irrigation department.

For total infrastructural development in Punjab, a sum of Rs149 billion will be allocated; the road sector will receive Rs68 billion, and transport will be given Rs35.5 billion. Additionally, Rs33 billion will be apportioned for the the Orange Line project, and Rs5 billion for the development of rural roads.

It was further announced that for the prime minister’s Clean and Green initiative, a sum of Rs6.3 billion has been assigned and that public-private partnership programmes will be assigned a budget of Rs4 billion.

Another Rs4 billion will be spent on the Quaid-e-Azam industrial estate in Faisalabad.

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